Zahara signed the first concert hall in South Africa with the casino chain

Darling, with Celine, Gaga, you’re in good company honey!

Ok, we are aware that we are switching legends, and now singer Zahara is feeling the pioneer of the new SA culture in a casino concert residence by signing a residence contract with the Emperors Palace Hotel, the Casino Convention and Entertainment Resort .

According to Move! The residence meant that he would visit all of the Emperors Palace sites across the country. He said he was very happy because he was the first artist to do this and the Emperors Palace contacted him.

Zahara’s manager, Oyama Dyosiba, reiterated his enthusiasm and said: “Zahara has grown as an artist and attracts everyone from one child to another.”

Award-winning pop singer afop said the contract will run for five years from 2020. A schedule will be drawn up to see when and where it will take place.

It is an exciting new adventure for artists and fans!

We’re hoping this opportunity leads Zahara onto work inside many of the other African casino we have here and who-knows, perhaps a spot on one or more of the Big 6 Locations here in South Africa.

Let’s take a look at the venue and perhaps, give you a taste of what you can expect should you decide to travel there to see her in action amongst all that glitz and glam.

In the empire palace

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Minimal use in chairs and tables

From 1c to R500, the Emperors Palace offers a variety of coin names. At the table, the minimum stakes range from R5 for roulette and R25 for blackjack, R50 for poker and R100 for Midi Punto Banco.

Diversity won

In the Emperors Palace it is easy to choose players. Players have access to 1,710 slot machines and 69 table games.

Smoking and non-smoking bar

The emperor responds to the needs of all guests by choosing air-conditioned smoking rooms.

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There is, of course, more you can experience at the Emperors Palace.